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In the past, lead was commonly used in the manufacturing of paint, gas, and plumbing. Presently, the U.S. law has banned the poisonous metal from use in new constructions. Even so, the lead based paint and plumbing that still exists in homes can present a significant health hazard for people within the building, especially those who are children.

The most common source of lead dustis lead paint in houses built before 1978. In 1978, lead was banned inhouse paint. Lead may also be brought home from a job or an adult may have a hobby orpastime that uses lead.

Where It Is Found?

  • All painted surfaces should be checked for chipping,peeling and disturbed paint. Certain parts of the houseneed special attention.

  • Windows Paint can scrape off windows as they are opened andclosed. Flakes and dust fall onto the window sill andinto the window well.

  • Doors Lead dust and flakes can fall to the floor as doors areopened and closed. Beware that baby gates acrossdoorways may scrape or chip paint, creating leaddust and chips.

  • Baseboards Baseboards are bumped and chipped in the normalcourse of everyday life.

  • Floors and Stairways Paint wears off floors and stairs as people walk. Leadin soil from outside can also be tracked in.

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